Son of Tiffania Westwood and some random Saxe-Gotha town guard

Quarter Elf three quarters Markey

10 years old at time of Tiffania's death

Escape Albion during the rule of Cromwell by landing in the Township of Tarbes, which is ruled by Wardes at this time.

During the chaos of Siesta's Protestant revolution, escape into Tristain, walking to Tristania several days away. Upon arrival, take up training as a squire under Agnes' wings. Receive Derflinger after some time. Eventually Tim opens up to Agnes because she reminds him of his Mother in some ways. Henrietta overhears him speaking of his heritage, but realizes the potential for scandal. She demands that Agnes release the boy, confiscating the Founder's Music Box. Agnes is upset, but dutiful. Tim asks to be taken to Nephyths and she agrees.

Will rejoin Elven culture wearing Grandma Shajal's Ring.

Age 12 or 13: Encounter people related to the Steel-Blooded party whilst living as a lowly guard in Eumenes.

Eventually lead to Tim encountering Fatima.